Monday, March 13, 2006

Pakistani Alternative Energy??? Is Bodman kidding?

Since nuclear energy cooperation is (thankfully) off the table, Secretary of Energy Bodman unveiled his solutions for Pakistan's future energy needs: a list of potential energy sources, including gas pipelines (so long as they are not from Iran), coal, and those new Bush administration favorites, celulosic ethanol, wind and solar. Obviously, Secreatry Bodman doesnt feel the Pakistanis can google energy sources on the web. And he believes that while so far the US is unwillingly to commit in a meaningful way to more expensive alterantive fuel sources, the Pakistanis should do so. And the funding for these uneconomical sources must come from the private sector, as the Secretary noted he had no budget for assistance or subsidy. The US wont pay for or subsidize these technogies, but the Pakistanis should??? And who is going to fund his proposed pipeline from Qatar or Turkmenistan, which would have to be built through Afghanistan. If we dont want the Pakistanis to elect their cheapest option and buy Iranian gas, we have to have a real solution, not more Bush adminsitration rhetoric. Pakistan has substantial coal reserves, and we could aid them in clean coal development (see the National Energy Policy below).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah, let's subsidize Pakistani clean coal development. that's crack-smokingly unrealistic. we are practically financing the whole country anyway and it's still a basket case. cheaper to pay off a few of the generals not to import iranian gas. whatever it takes. not pipedream stuff of clean coal PAKISTAN

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