Monday, May 01, 2006

The $100 Gas Rebate-What's Next, A Happy Meal?

So the Republican's new energy plan is to give us each a $100 to offset the rising price of gasoline. And what are we supposed to do after we fill up not even twice with this money? How is effectively reducing the price of gas going to drive down increasing demand, the primary cause of high prices, or increase tight supplies? This is a preelection joke designed to obscure the fact that Republicans have done nothing about energy for the entire period they have controlled the Presidency and Congress. Oh yes, and also in this bill is drilling in Alaska, which would minimally increase supply in 2010 while destroying the environment and other incentives for oil producers and refiners.

Not that the Democrats have done any better. They wanted a larger $500 rebate or suspension of the 18.4 cent per gallon tax. Of course, Democrats haven't had an energy policy since Jimmy Carter!

If we want to do something in the short term to help people who are truly hurt byrising prices and can't gasoline, fine. But lets accompany it with a real policy that will change the supply/demand dynamic rather than another band aid which will only prolong our insatiable oil appetite.


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