Monday, May 01, 2006

Keep Our Environment Dirty-Ethanol, MTBE and Waiving the Environmental Rules

So President Bush has decided to waive certain environmental rules regarding gasoline. Those rules at first required the addition of the additive MTBE, and when that additive proved to have adverse environmental effects, the addition of ethanol. Of course it never occurred to anyone that we wouldn't have enough ethanol and that the increased demand would drive up the price of the ethanol and thus gasoline. This regulation was passed without thought or planning, which seems to be a characteristic of this administration and politicians dealing with energy policy more generally. And the solution-SUSPEND THE RULES so we simply burn dirtier gasoline!! The rationale-to moderate gas prices. Anyone notice it working!!! This is an instance where we dont need to choose between clean and efficient-we can have both with little added cost. Of course, ethanol is not a solution for anything. BAD REGULATION, WORSE IMPLEMENTATION!


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