Sunday, June 11, 2006

The New Democratic Energy Plan- Simply Sausage

The Democrats issued their new energy policy for 2006, know as Clean Edge (see the link and discussion above). This so-called policy is for the most part a list of every policy proposed by anyDemocrat for the last twenty years-in other words, its not a policy at all. What do the Democrats prefer? Criticize the Republicans all you want, but at least we know they stand for more drilling for gas and oil, including in Alaska, and more recently, celulosic ethanol? The Democrats apparently stand for wind, solar, more fuel efficient vehicles, flex fuel vehicles, infrastructure conversion, blah, blah and of course blah. Nothing in this plan is particularly controversial or objectionable, but the real problem is the caucus can't agree on anything, so everyone's proposals make the plan and destroy its coherence.

When you design a horse by comittee you get a camel. When you write a policy by committee, you get sausage-all the parts mixed together and you have no idea what you are eating. And why does everything have to wait until 2020-why should we have goals for 2008???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't particularly agree with either party's approach. I think the single best thing from a cleantech perspective is high oil costs. Rather than grant incentives, tax usage. We have already seen how effective $4/gallon gas is for cutting usage. Add more taxes to that and the market will push forward with cleaner alternatives, especially if they are tax-free.

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