Sunday, June 11, 2006


The Democrats in Congress announced a new energy plan. They named it "Clean Edge". What does that have to do with energy? After all these years, haven't they learned what's in a name? The Republicans take the rhetorical high ground on every issue in Washington these days, and now energy is no exception. Yes EDGE is an acronym for Clean Energy Development for a Growing Economy-got it? Does that evoke energy independence for you, or a new brand of razor? The Gillete Clean Edge-not bad!!

So here's the contest-come up with the best name for the new Democratic plan, which can be found at

My entry is Declaration of Energy Independence 2006. The winner gets a free tank of gasoline, which is more savings that you will ever see from this plan. I know this is bad policy (see my discussion of GM and Ford below), but I promise to get the winning entry to Senator Harry Reid, and who knows, it might help get a policy passed. So send those entries now!!


Blogger Atarlau said...

2 Entries

The Global Cooling Clean Energy Plan

BioEco Friendly Clean Energy Development

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