Sunday, January 07, 2007

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and Walmart-Revisited

In the last week, the New York Times has published two pieces on the compact fluorescent bulb and Walmart's efforts to sell them. The Wall Street journal also recently published on the bulbs. All three pieces discussed the difficulties in selling the bulbs, and speculated on the reasons. As we said in our post below (October 28th,2006), people are still not prepared to pay ten times as much for a bulb, no matter what the savings. And even those Prius drivers who are willing to spend lots for "green" technology aren't buying the bulbs-some claim they dont like the aestehtics of the bulb or the light cast, others say simply force of habit. If the "greens" won't buy them, and I don't know why they won't, then these bulbs have no chance, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE A FABULOUS ENERGY SAVER AND INVESTMENT.